Fiona Cuthbert O'Meara      Ceramic Artist




I am a practicing ceramic and visual artist who works from my purpose built

studio on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia 


With an extensive back-ground in emergency nursing, natural therapies and

counselling, my work cannot help but be highly conceptual in nature.


Strong links to the natural world are evident and there is always evidence of

real life experience, empowerment and discovery. 

Artist statement 

That which comes naturally to me, emulates the natural world. My work captures a stillness within me which allows creativity to flow, along with thoughts, feelings, insight and resolution.

My hands are, in essence, my voice of expression. With them, I allow myself to feel into each artwork and every aspect of aesthetic life. They are the direct connection between my own experience and the form which I create.

In the practice of ceramics, my focus is directed to the concept of internal space. My awareness of the presence of imperfection in all things is heightened, and I find comfort and beauty in this process. Imperfections are the direct evidence of life experience, humility, re-connection and healing.

Wholeness is represented in the work. Just as the clay, rock and minerals reform their relationship, something resolves and becomes complete. The artwork is evidence of a transformation, as each piece becomes a new version of what it always was.


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